14 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Chihuahua

#1 Chihuahuas are saucy and alert, with a mind of their own

#2 They might not be able “to talk”

#3 But that doesn’t prevent them from letting you know exactly what they want

#4 Chihuahuas are often devoted to a particular person in the family

#5 They can even become obsessive about their desire to be with their beloved person

#6 There’s a name for those dogs: “armpit piranhas”

#7 Despite his tiny size, the Chihuahua is fearless

#8 They are never timid or frightened

#9 If you see him shivering, it’s usually because he’s cold

#10 That’s why you see so many Chihuahuas wearing sweaters

#11 Chihuahuas have a reputation for being spoiled and untrainable

#12 But that’s often because people don’t make an effort to train them

#13 They need consistent rules and structure if they are to learn effectively

#14 They are highly intelligent
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