16 Reasons That Prove Boxers Are The Most Terrible Dogs On Earth

1. Now do these look like friendly dogs?

2. Don't bother with cuddles, they hate them.

3. They'll take up all your space and will never offer to share…

4. Boxers aren't interested in their humans, they prefer being alone.

5. This lazy lot would never want to go play outside.

6. No, Boxers have no idea how to enjoy life.

7. They're not interested in rolling about in the mud like other happy dogs.

8. And they could never ever make you laugh. Boxers are positively boring.

9. They've got absolutely no imagination.

10. The least majestic creatures…

11. Look at that face. So un-photogenic, right?

12. You can't imagine how awful it is having two around, they can't stand each other.

13. And they obviously despise all other animals.

14. They're never up for a cozy night in…

15. Boxers are far too demanding, they never relax.

16. Surely you wouldn't consider adopting one of these now, would you?

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