12 Things You Should Know Before Getting a French Bulldog

#1 Prepare to share everything you can think of...

#2 It takes a long time to housebreak them, so be patient.

#3 They have a will of their own, so be patient.

#4 They eat wooden objects like chairs, doors, etc. like beavers, so be patient.

#5 Buy a lot of tabasco sauce, dilute it, and put it on anything wooden within mouth distance.

#6 Also, be prepared to laugh a lot their antics are unbelievable.

#7 Say goodbye to your “personal space.”

#8 Enjoy TERRIBLE gas, they’re deadly and will run you out of the room.

#9 Frenchies are extremely stubborn and very smart.

#10 They are great dogs for the experienced dog owner, not so much for a first-timer.

#11 Prepare for Allergies as most of them suffer from this, and it can be costly to insure!

#12 If you get one you will want two…or ten!
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