14 Reasons to Have Shih Tzu in Your House

#1 When you wake up in the morning, turn your head and look at the most adorable face ever!?

#2 When you are in danger, they will be the first to help!

#3 When you are bored, they will make you smile?

#4 When you want “to play” with their haircut, a Shih Tzu will be the happiest pet!?

#5 When you want to take a pic of them, they will pose as beautifully as they can?

#6 When you see a stunning view, they will surely make it more perfect?

#7 When you want to wash this breed, they will look like real heroes!

#8 When you want to drink, they will make coffee for you!?

#9 When you don’t have a babysitter, a Shih Tzu can replace it!

#10 When you go to a sports club, take them with you. They can be your perfect support?

#11 When you have to clean a room, it can become a vacuum?

#12 When you want to listen to smth, they can sing for you?

#13 When you are at work, a Shih Tzu will help you with paperwork!

#14 When you present them with a toy, they will love you more and more!

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