12 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Maltese

#1 They’re one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, so they have a very high opinion of themselves

#2 I guess that’s just what happens when you’re beloved by royalty for thousands of years

#3 You’ll never want to take photos of anything but your Maltese because they’re massive posers

#4 In fact, you’ll just spend all day doing nothing but looking at this fluffy cloud that just invaded your life

#5 They’re too small to ever do anything fun or exciting though

#6 Trying to resist cuddling them is futile

#7 You’ll never go on any kind of adventure with a Maltese

#8 Is that a Maltese puppy, or some kind of vicious demon?

#9 Whatever they are, they’re certainly not cute

#10 You’re in trouble if you run into a group of them

#11 If it snows, you’ll never be able to find them ever again

#12 Does this look like a dog who’ll make you laugh?

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