14 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Make Your Life More Awesome

#1 You do not need to explain to your dog where you are and with whom you are

#2 Dog food will cost you much less than going to a restaurant

#3 Your dog will not read your notations and make strange arguments

#4 Dogs don’t get upset when you accidentally put on the same thing

#5 Your dog does not mind if you communicate with other dogs

#6 Dogs don’t have high expectations about their birthday

#7 Your dog doesn’t take your clothes

#8 Don’t tend to get annoyed when you overload your Instagram with your dog’s photos.

#9 Your dog agrees to walk wherever you want

#10 You don’t have to constantly convince your dog that it’s not fat

#11 You won’t be bothered that your dog has no work, sleeps all day, and does not help around the house.

#12 And your dog is always glad to see you, even when you are tired and no one wants to be near you

#13 Your dog does not mind being in the company of other dogs

#14 Your dog is always open for hugs

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