12 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Bichon Frise

#1 No one that doesn’t have a Bichon can imagine the soft as a cloud fur that they have.

#2 Bichon approves of Bichon art.

#3 That precious face!

#4 Bichons are more companion/lapdog-oriented and there is a limit to their playtime.

#5 Bichons don’t shed – a huge advantage!

#6 Bichons need grooming to keep them looking great.

#7 They are notoriously hard to house train.

#8 Bichons are VERY sensitive and require more gentle play and handling.

#9 Bichons have more toys than your kids do.

#10 They’re very affectionate and always like to cuddle, but their FAVORITE thing in the world is to go on long walks.

#11 They love to be with people even if they are strangers.

#12 Bichons hate long days when we are gone.

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