14 Reasons Why Shiba Inus Make Your Life More Awesome

#1 I look my best when I take my helmet off after a long motorcycle ride. I have a wet nose and a bit of helmet floor. Better than an open car window!

#2 It`s a really lazy Saturday!

#3 You will give me what I want!

#4 Hello sir, how may I help you?

#5 Enjoy your day at the beach!

#6 I`m not a pig, I`m clean!

#7 My morning is amazing, how is yours?

#8 Mom is training for the walking coastal marathon! So I can join training sessions on the Beach. love it!?

#9 Smile every day of your life!

#10 My treasure, don`t touch it!

#11 I`m your sunflower. Look at me, not at the field!

#12 What did you say? Repeat it!

#13 All right, I let you touch my belly a bit

#14 I`m ready for dancing with you! Let`s go!

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