14 Problems Only Shiba Inu Owners Will Understand

#1 When they are newborns they look like teddy bears

#2 And lion cubs when they are puppies.

#3 When you go for a walk, people ask you if you have a fox/coyote/dingo/jackal, and so on.

#4 Why do so many people ask you if your dog is vicious? Then you remember and try to explain that it’s how they say “I love you” to other dogs.

#5 At night you cry yourself to sleep because you can’t figure out how their eyeliner game is so on point

#6 They have fangs that always stick out like vampire's teeth.

#7 But then the next day, you do something like that))

#8 You are powerless against a Shiba’s greatest weapon: the squinty smile

#9 You’ve accepted the fact that breathe with Shiba fur.

#10 Flexible neck … You do not think it’s strange

#11 You have an “unhealthy” obsession with foxes.

#12 They are so handsome

#13 But most of them refuse to pose for photos because they’re kind of clowns.

#14 You go absolutely happy when you see another Shiba

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