12 Realities That New Border Collie Owners Must Accept

#1 The border collie is a working dog that will stop at nothing to do a job even as a pup

#2 They naturally demand attention and will get it constructively or destructively

#3 You will get a lot of looks when you leave the house

#4 Your bed is no longer your bed

#5 And your couch is no longer your couch

#6 Your car will start to feel smaller

#7 Your TV will become “our” TV

#8 You will no longer be the crazy one in the house

#9 Border collies are the world’s most intelligent dog breed (you’ll even gain some IQ points just owning them)

#10 They are all-terrain dogs that will go where ever you need them to go

#11 Your kids will have a new best friend

#12 Once you own a border collie, you’ll know that no other dog is a better forever friend

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