14 Reasons Shiba Inus Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breed Of All Time

#1 That`s how spy undercover looks like

#2 Why is so small portion of yogurt here? I will complain to the producer!

#3 Where are the baby`s socks? Why are his feet so cold? Do something immediately, woman!

#4 Who said about taking a bath? I`m ready for bath procedures!

#5 Ok, I have 5 minutes to eat it all before daddy comes back!

#6 I love you, cat! Give me a hug!

#7 When you are a very curious dog and have to know everything

#8 Your face when someone tells you not a really funny joke

#9 I should find dad’s password to social media

#10 Why do you smell like another dog?

#11 Hello, human! I`m your personal psychotherapist for today. You can tell me about all your problems.

#12 Wake up, daddy! It’s Monday! You should go to work in 30 minutes but I’ll stay at home and guard your bed!

#13 It`s so hard to work to be a guard dog!

#14 We warn you! Never try to hear “Shiba scream”!

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