14 Reasons Why Yorkshire Terriers Are The Worst Dogs To Live With

#1 “Don’t take pics of me until I pose”

#2 “Can I finally have my hair cut?”

#3 “So tired of bringing it from a shop”

#4 "I said I'm OK!!!"

#5 “I’m very happy that we won’t go walking today…”

#6 “Let’s pretend we are normal, bro”

#7 “Why are u staring? I’m your new sunshine, baby”

#8 “Oooh, I’m so comfortable, don’t touch me”

#9 ” Do I look like a very smart pet? Will my owner buy me a new toy for that?”

#10 ” Make smile like we are a family, it’s only one pic”

#11 “Take a pic, I will post it on Instagram, everybody will be just jealous”

#12 ” Oh, it’s the perfect place! I wish I stayed here always”

#13 “Go away! I have a terrible hangover. The third glass was odd”

#14 “Does he think these shoes are very convenient?”

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