15 Reasons That Prove Great Danes Are The Most Terrible Dogs On Earth

#1 I will keep him under control!

#2 Owner will not let me sleep in the bed. So I will stare at him until he woke up.

#3 What an amazing view!

#4 No, he doesn't bite. He eats.

#5 It was a great idea to hide my treats on top of the fridge.


#7 That moment when someone says “Your dalmatian is beautiful!”

#8 Pretending it exploded.

#9 That moment when you are having the worst day ever and you come home to your Dane that loves you more than anything in the world.

#10 It is easy to make friends!

#11 “I trained my great dane to take selfies with me – if I’m sitting and extend my arm with my phone in hand, she plops up next to me, leans, and gives the camera this look”

#12 The real Scooby-Doo!

#13 “Just having a small talk about this and that”

#14 Have you seen my ball?

#15 This dog is turning into a pancake

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