5 Signs Your Pomeranian Is Stressed

The world is a big place for your little Pomeranian, and often that can be quite scary. Just like us, our Poms have fears and anxieties about things happening to and around them. It can be easy to forget this or not understand when our dogs are feeling this way because they communicate it differently than we do. If you aren’t sure how to tell when your Pom is anxious or afraid, you will have a hard time helping him overcome these emotions. The following are 5 signs your Pomeranian is stressed, which all owners should know.

#1 – Whale Eye

“Whale eye” is when the white in your dog’s eye around the iris is visible. This is a definite sign that your Pomeranian is stressed or anxious. Due to the size of the iris on the Pom, you may not see a lot of white compared to other breeds. Often, the eyes will almost look like they could pop out of your Pom’s head. Also watch those ears, they will often go back and down.

#2 – Shivering

Your Pom has a lot of fur, so if she is shaking, it’s probably not from the cold. However, they do shiver when they are frightened or nervous. So as long as you know it’s not a temperature problem, if your Pomeranian is doing this, something is bothering her.

#3 – Cowering

Poms who are stressed will often try and find a place to hide. They may cower at your feet with their body hunched over and their ears down, or try to hide under furniture. Some may even duck under their owner’s arm if they are being held.

#4 – Whining

A stressed Pomeranian will often whine. Some will pace, and some will stay in one spot. If your Pom is whining and you know she doesn’t have to go outside to go potty, she may be stressed. Stress whining can turn into barking or crying as well.

#5 – Won’t Eat

If you train using positive reinforcement (or just happen to be feeding him) and your Pomeranian is not interested in his food that he normally inhales, something is up. Barring any medical reasons, he is probably stressed or anxious. Change the environment so he is more comfortable and then he will eat. He may also eat, but take the food very hard. This is also a sign of stress.

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