12 Signs You Are A Crazy Bichon Frise Person

You’ve caught yourself having full-blown conversations with your Bichon Frise.

You spend your money on your bichon frise than you do on yourself.

You even get your dog's birthday presents.

Your bichon frise gets most of your bed.

You have more photos of your bichon frise than people.

You are outnumbered by dogs at home.

Your bichon frise gets the best places at home.

It is critically important that you say hello to any bichon frise you meet on the street.

Your house is filled with frames photos of you and your bichon frise.

You Skype your bichon frise while you are away.

You cancel plans because your dogs need you.

You've never been to a non-dog-friendly hotel before.

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