12 Signs You Are A Crazy Yorkshire Terrier Person

1 - You refer to your Yorkie as your baby and to yourself as their ‘mom' or ‘dad'.

2 - Things that are normal for human children are now completely normal for your Yorkie as well…

3 - …because you consider your Yorkie your child… an integral member of your family, not just your ‘pet'.

4 - No matter where you are or what streets you have to cross if you see a Yorkie you MUST say hello to him.

5 - This is your life goal.

6 - You are a hit with every Yorkie you meet.

7 - You have trouble finding a significant other because nobody is as great as your Yorkie.

8- You dress it up or down, and accessorize in everything from dog hoodies to crystal-encrusted collars.

9 - You make your Yorkie the most glamorous.

10 - Confident and courageous, a Yorkie won’t back down…and that’s one of the reasons you love it.

11 - You are ready to brush your Yorkie's teeth.

12 - You enjoy cuddling with a beloved Yorkie and snuggling into everything soft and fluffy with it.

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