14 Things Only Jack Russell Owners Understand

#1 Expressive faces make them ideal for photos.

#2 Jack Russell Terriers are active companions.

#3 Despite their small size, they have the brave heart of a lion.

#4 Very energetic dogs.

#5 Get along well with other pets, even if they are cats.

#6 They are very clean, they will never climb into a puddle or dirt – they will bypass it.

#7 They are great mothers, we admit without false modesty.

#8 They love children because their children are playful, funny, and energetic.

#9 They love it when they are taught, trained, and taught different tricks.

#10 Russell feels the size of a mastiff and stronger than a bear.

#11 Recognized as the best small game hunter.

#12 Practically does not require careful grooming and trimming.

#13 He loves children of all ages, even strangers

#14 This is a very active and noisy dog, it needs constant active walks.
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