12 Things You Should Know Before Owning a Pomeranian

#1 Start as you mean to go on, they have a knack for getting their own way...

#2 Be prepared to spend a lot of time training and grooming.

#3 Never raise your voice to your Pom.

#4 Prepare to be owned. They are the best little companions.

#5 Very smart. Big dog attitude in a small dog body!!

#6 Very needy want your attention all the time!

#7 They are devoted to you.

#8 Be patient very patient, they will own your heart in every way possible.

#9 They may be small but they are mighty.

#10 Rescues are the best loads of love and attention!

#11 You can’t outlive them. They do like things their way. Just enjoy!

#12 Don’t just get one because they are cute!

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