15 Reasons Pomeranian Are The Cutest Dogs On The Earth

#1 One way or another I'm GONNA CATCH YOU!

#2 It’s espresso, NOT EXPRESSO!

#3 Where are my rubber duckies?

#4 What if I told you that you could go to the gym without telling everyone on Facebook about it?

#5 Why? Why would she do that to me?

#6 Sub bro?

#7 All food is dog food.

#8 What is that glorious smell? Is that food?

#9 I haven’t eaten for an hour. That’s 7 dog hours.

#10 I’m a bear! Be afraid of me!

#11 Excuse me. But are you going to eat that?

#12 I do not always bark at night. But when I do, it is for no reason.

#13 When someone says you are a good boy.

#14 Cool guys never look back at explosions.

#15 It is called fashion. Ever heard of it?

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