12 Times Corgis Lost Their Corgi-ness

1 - Sometimes corgis think they’re other animals, like T-Rexes for example

2 - Or try to copy humans doing yoga on a computer.

3 - Seriously, how many animals can a corgi try to copy?

4 - Corgis can be a nice rest for your book while you’re reading

5 - Or serve the best tea the best way they can

6 - While pretending they’re a plush toy. Corgi, do not use your fur to your advantage!

7 - Corgis are excellent blankets to other corgis

8 - And they can double as a bunny if you don’t want just one pet

9 - Maybe the little dog will do their best to be one with the family

10 - Or the wall.

11 - Sleeping corgis can be assembled as an exceptional patchwork rug

12 - And, also sleeping, they’re great gymnasts

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