12 Reasons Why A Boxer Shouldn’t Be Trusted

1. Boxers are not dogs, they are giant babies.

2. Flatulence…It’s A Problem.

3. Boxers Feel Guilt Like No Other Breeds.

4. First, they steal your heart, then they steal your bed.

5. Boxers need some seriously heavy-duty toys. They go through them like it’s nothing!

6. Your Boxer Can Twerk, Literally.

7. Boxers’ faces always look like they just found out how much debt they are in.

8. They’re masters of head tilting.

9. Your Boxer Will Always Make You Laugh.

10. Boxers love to sit on each other…Gods know why?!

11. Boxers treat kids as one of their own.

12. Boxers are one of the most hilarious breeds, and we love them!
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