15 Things Only Boston Terrier Owners Would Understand

#1 Despite that tough pugnacious face, Boston terriers are lovers, not fighters

#2 They may be small, but Boston terriers are sturdy canines that can hang with the big dogs

#3 Boston terriers are exceedingly adaptable to your lifestyle?

#4 They need their daily walk

#5 They don’t require a lot of hearty exercises??

#6 They need to hear your voice?

#7 They can recognize your voice over everyone else in a crowd?

#8 They do not tolerate harsh or physical punishment well?

#9 They only have you to depend on?

#10 They need supervision when playing outside, especially if there are larger animals around

#11 Boston terriers sit and sleep in the most ridiculous positions

#12 Spend even a few minutes with a Boston terrier pup and you’ll immediately want one (or more)

#13 Your dog will be loyal to you

#14 The Boston terrier is an all-American canine and the official dog of Massachusetts

#15 Their unforgettable facial expressions will make you laugh
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