12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Labradors

#1 They’re messy. Really messy.

#2 But do they care? Not at all.

#3 That’s when they’re not at the playground, hogging the swings from children.

#4 Because, clearly, children and Labradors don’t mix.

#5 They’re a huge problem because they steal everything: your socks, your whole heart, etc.

#6 They’re always sticking out their tongues, especially when they’re out in public.

#7 Wait, did we mention how completely not cute the puppies are?

#8 They’re just horrible, right?

#9 They’re terrible liars too!

#10 And they can’t even dance well.

#11 Although sometimes they’re so independent it’s scary.

#12 And just look how menacing they are when they’re sleeping.
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