12 Reasons Why Bull Terriers Shouldn’t Be Trusted

1. If I Like It, It’s Mine.

2. If It’s In My Mouth, It’s mine.

3. If I Can Take It From You, It’s Mine.

4. If I had It a Little While Ago, It’s mine.

5. If It’s Mine, It Must Never Appear To Be Yours.

6. If It Just Looks Like Mine, It’s Mine.

7. If It’s Edible, It’s Mine.

8. If I Saw It First, It’s Mine.

9. If You Have Something or Put It Down, It’s Mine.

10. If I Get Tired of It, It’s Yours.

11. If I Chew Something Up, All The Pieces Are Mine.

12. If I Want It Back, It’s Mine.
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