14 Things You Need To Know About Schnauzers

#1 It is considered a robust and active breed

#2 The standard colors of this breed are black, black and silver, and salt and pepper, with no distinct markings

#3 Schnauzers have a thick, wiry double coat

#4 They do not shed much

#5 Schnauzers were bred to hunt rats, so they rely on their keen sense of hearing to locate the vermin

#6 They bark when they’re happy, sad, or just bored or to let you know how they’re feeling

#7 The excitable pooch enjoys running outside and snoozes inside in equal measures.

#8 The thick whiskers on a Schnauzer’s snout actually have an essential function

#9 The name “Schnauzer” comes from the German word, “schnauze,” which means snout or muzzle

#10 This breed is known for being an outstanding companion who’s completely devoted to their family members

#11 Schnauzers need regular exercise and they need significant space to live in

#12 Schnauzer is generally a healthy dog breed with some specific health concerns

#13 This dog breed is considered to be excellent in search and rescue operations

#14 Schnauzer is worthy of birthday parties
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