15 Reasons Why Goldendoodles Make Your Life More Awesome

#1 Let me make new friends.

#2 Give me time to understand what you want from me.

#3 Love me when I’m old just as much as you did when I was young.

#4 Don’t be upset when I jump for joy when you come through the door.

#5 Give me your trust.

#6 Don’t be angry with me for too long.

#7 Talk to me.

#8 Remember that I’ll never forget how you treat me.

#9 Come outside with me.

#10 Teach me new things.

#11 Let me get dirty once in a while.

#12 Pay attention if I don’t seem like myself.

#13 Constant monitoring of what may or may not be in his mouth.

#14 Fur all over the house. And the car. And everything you own.

#15 Those sad eyes when you leave.
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