15 Reasons You Should Avoid Dachshunds At All Costs

#1 Dachshunds really aren’t as cute as puppies.

#2 If you have small children, the answer is likely no.

#3 They won’t whine. They’ll just go and get what they want.

#4 Don’t look in their eyes! Their eyes are their weapon!

#5 Forget about your food. They take care of it.

#6 Dachshunds never support you.

#7 They never protect you.

#8 They don’t like to swim!

#9 The trouble with Dachshunds is that THEY don’t listen.

#10 They’re NOT stylish.

#11 Their smiles are the scariest thing you could ever see.

#12 Dachshunds can NOT bring a smile to your face no matter how badly your day is going!

#13 Dachshunds absolutely HATE going on car rides.

#14 Sausage dogs never calm down, not even for a minute.

#15 In conclusion, dachshunds are yappy, annoying dogs who are always hyper.

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