18 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have A Basset Hound

#1 Your home is covered in Basset Hound hair.

#2 Literally perfect.

#3 If you’re really lucky, you have a Basset Hound who actually smiles.


#4 They were so cute as a puppy it actually made your heart hurt a bit.


#5 All ears and outsize paws.

#6 But then they ran and everything was forgiven.

#7 Then they were a big boy.

#8 And they didn’t fit on the sofa or chairs anymore.

#9 Talking of sofas, the way they get off one is amazing.

#10 And luckily Basset Hounds are so clever and love to learn.

#11 They just want to be good boys!

#12 Oh, and sometimes when they eat bad things.

#13 And when they fetch it, but they won’t drop it.

#14 But they always say sorry for what they did.

#15 They’re also extremely greedy of course.

#16 But you can’t resist spoiling them because of those eyes.


#17 Most of all, you know you’ve got the kindest, gentlest best friend, who’d do anything for you.

#18 You couldn’t believe any creature could be this soft and perfect.

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