12 Things Only Corgi Parents Understand

#1 Be prepared for lots of Corgi glitter (hair)!

#2 Vacuum cleaner and a brush will be your best friend.

#3 They’re extremely stubborn!

#4 They are stubborn, won't always listen, and can be grumpy as they get older.

#5 Prepare not only for the hair but to be stopped by people out in the streets or wherever cuz your corgi will be the cutest puppy they’ll ever see!

#6 Take tons of pictures and videos too, they’ll grow in a blink of an eye!

#7 Hair today, Hair tomorrow, be sure to get a good vacuum, surprisingly you will never mind it…hair is unconditional…

#8 Be prepared to have your heart stolen.

#9 They are smart and stubborn, a combination that makes them harder to train than most dogs.

#10 Pool parties.

#11 Pretending to be galloping stallions...

#12 High fives!

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