15 Reasons Why Bull Terriers Make Your Life More Awesome

#1 You worry about them any time they are not with you.

#2 When you LOVE the way their feet smell!

#3 When you always check first if you took all the snacks, a small blanket, a water bottle in your bag before going out...

#4 When you do butt checks at the door!

#5 When they fall asleep on your lap and you won’t move because you don’t want to wake them up...

#6 When you apologize for going to work but promise a treat and a snuggle when you get home.

#7 You are forever digging random objects out of the bully's mouth.

#8 When you buy more for them than for yourself.

#9 When she is in bed, whines and you know she wants her food bowl in bed.

#10 Their toys take up more room on the living room floor than your kids...

#11 When you make your schedule around them...

#12 When people ask you to hang out and you use your pups as an excuse to stay home.

#13 You sleep on the edge of the bed and have no blankets just to ensure your fur baby is warm and comfy.

#14 Your Bull Terrier back talks to you for not doing something they want! Yes, happens all the time!

#15 No matter the weather and time, you are ready to go for a walk and the wiggle tail makes your heart melt ….

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