15 Most Difficult Emotions All Dachshunds Go Through

#1 I can remember the first day you let me be part of your house and life as a new member of the family.

#2 I remember it was a completely new experience in my life as a dog. I felt strange for some days.

#3 If I fit, I sit

#4 We both know that behaving funny is my best characteristic.

#5 I just try to make you happy every day because if you are happy, I am happy.

#6 However. If I have not been able to do it, I will keep trying I swear.. Please don’t give me away.

#7 If you entice me with a treat and you do not give it to me. I will get mad and sometimes I can get sad.

#8 The only way I am sane during the whole day is by looking through the window and waiting for you to come back and play with me.

#9 If you have had a bad day, you do not have to worry about it. I will give you a hug to cheer you up.

#10 Maybe you don’t notice but when you leave the house for some days I get sad. I can’t eat and sleep just because you are not with me.

#11 Please do not leave me alone on the street while you shop. You do not know how scared I am during those minutes that you are not by my side.

#12 Let me make new friends even if they are not of the same species I am. Do not forget to show me around. The park is fine for me.

#13 Please understand my facial expressions when I need you the most. Sometimes my expressions will help you to understand how I am feeling.

#14 Humans need some time alone. As a result, dogs do need their own time alone. Please give me my own time.

#15 I will never let you down. You can trust me as much as I trust you. You are the best I will have forever.

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