12 Problems Only Beagle Owners Will Understand

#1 They’re a huge problem because they steal everything: your socks, your whole heart, etc.

#2 And they’re CREEPS! They’re always spying on people and finding secret little places to observe what’s going on.

#3 Sometimes they’re so independent it’s scary.

#4 Their wonderfully weird sleeping positions never cease to amaze you:

#5 And they won’t ever let you get any work done. It’s like they’re TRYING to grind the economy to a halt.

#6 When it’s windy, they look ridiculous.

#7 You’re gonna have to get rid of your cat because they can’t stand being around them.

#8 And they know what look to give you when they want something from you.

#9 You can never eat dinner without a pair of watching eyes on the side.

#10 NO other dog can make you feel this guilty just by turning its head.

#11 Your bed is no longer just your bed.

#12 And your couch is no longer just your couch.

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