12 Reasons Why A Dachshund Shouldn’t Be Trusted

#1 He knows all he has to do is howl endlessly to get what he wants.

#2 Police: “She ate an entire family of four over the course of two days.” Me: “I’m sure they deserved it. Who’s a good little girl???”

#3 So serious, but you know the fun is right there too!

#4 “Dachshunds Train You”

#5 Best receptionist ever!

#6 It’s the “I’m going to get anything I want” look.

#7 That’s a packed schedule, they need lots of rest!!

#8 This drives me insane!

#9 They’re completely adorable lawbreakers…

#10 Your bed is no longer just your bed.

#11 That look!

#12 NO other dog can make you feel this guilty just by turning its head.

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