16 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Beagle

#1 From the moment they are born they are just terrifying

#2 They are very bad around children

#3 Not to mention awful at helping out with chores…

#4 Licking the dishes doesn’t count!

#5 Not only will they fail to protect you, but they’ll also actively steal your food!

#6 And they can’t even dance well.

#7 They’re a huge problem because they steal everything: your socks, your whole heart, etc.

#8 They’re always sticking out their tongues, especially when they’re out in public.

#9 Sometimes they’re so independent it’s scary.

#10 And just look how menacing they are when they’re sleeping.

#11 And they don’t understand anything.

#12 And they know what look to give you when they want something from you.

#13 They’re bed hogs.

#14 And if you ever scratch them on the belly? There goes the rest of your day.

#15 We warn you once again: You should NOT get a Beagle.

#16 Don’t get a Beagle if you want a faithful friend, who will be by your side when you’re sad, and that will make you happy every day of your life.
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