Honey, the terminally ill dog who travelled the country, has died

Honey, the Boxer dog who won hearts across the country while battling a terminal cancer diagnosis, has died.
Less than two months after a road trip to see the top of the North Island, the 10-year-old purebred was put down at a vet clinic in Auckland.
Her absence has left a hole in the life of her owner Derrick Marshall.
"Every day I think, did I do enough?"
"But I did give her a good life. I took her everywhere and gave her everything.
"She spent about $38,000 in the end."

Marshall, from Cambridge, traveled with Honey to Northland in January, but along the way noticed she was in pain.
"We had come back here because she was having breathing problems, and the vets said to me, 'Derrick, the cancer is making fluid, we can drain her, and then you can come back in a couple of days'.
"But we took off down south before having her drained again, and again they said, 'Derrick, it's time, you don't want her to suffer and she's had a good life'."

Marshall and Honey pulled up on a beach on their way to Palmerston North where they met a man who suggested visiting the vets at Massey University.
For two weeks they camped at a caravan park while Honey received treatment.
But the prognosis was still bleak.

The fluid was "drowning" Honey, Marshall said, and back at their regular vet clinic south of Auckland, the decision was made to euthanize her.

"I'd worked myself into a state. Honey didn't want to go in, I was pretty much in tears, and I hadn't made my mind up," Marshall said.
"But our love could not be broken. That's one thing you could not break."
In early 2018, Honey was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Marshall decided to take his "little girl" for a final road trip around New Zealand.
The duo traveled the South Island for a month, clocking up close to 4000km and staying in backpackers along the way.
One year later, Marshall planned to do it all again. This time, traveling to the top of the North Island.

But it was ironic that Honey wound up spending so much time on the road. When Marshall first met her, she hated traveling, he said.
"I put Honey in the car that first day and we were driving home and she throws up all over me. I was a bit disappointed; I wanted a mate I could take in the car with me.

"When I drove into town, which is only 2kms away, she would throw up on me. 
"I'd put a towel on my lap, let Honey rest her head, but still on the way into town, she'd throw up on me... but she learned to manage it."
Marshall is now staying in Te Pahu, after renting out his Cambridge home to fund Honey's cancer treatment. 
He has plans to do up his bus and is not yet sure if he'll get another dog.
"I need to know where my life is going," he said.
"But you do get attached to your mates... and puppies keep you young."

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