Adorable golden retriever gives birth to nine puppies

A proud mom! Golden retriever that went viral after featuring in her own doggy maternity shoot poses with all NINE of her newborn puppies - and their dad - for sweet family photos

    • The dog's owner, Chelsie Garrels, 31, shared photos from a maternity photo shoot she did with the golden retriever earlier this month   
    • Kodie, the two-year-old dog, gave birth to her puppies on January 14 
    • She had nine puppies in total - five male and four female 
    • The dog became pregnant in November after she stayed at a dog breeder for one week and was breed with an American dark red retriever named Jaxon
    • Chelsie, who lives in Montana, described Kodie as 'a very sweet loving little girl'
    • The single mother-of-two added: 'Kodie has been a great addition to my little family, she is my boys’ best friend'

An adorable golden retriever from Montana, who took part in a maternity photo shoot earlier this month, has given birth to her puppies. 
Kodie, a two-year-old retriever, gave birth to five male and four female puppies on January 14, after being bred with another dog and becoming pregnant in November. 
Earlier this month Kodie's owner, Chelsie Garrels, 31, helped Kodie reach internet fame when she took professional photos of the dog as part of a maternity shoot that saw her wearing a pink tutu. 

Puppy love! Two-year-old golden retriever, Kodie, gave birth to nine puppies - five male and four female - in a Montana-based hobby breeder on January 14 

Family portrait: She was bred with an American dark red retriever called Jaxon (pictured top) in Goosetown Goldens in November when she stayed at the breeder for one week 
Chelsie, who lives in Butte, Montana, shared a series of photos that show the nine puppies shortly after they were born. 
The adorable series of photos see Kodie laying in her bed, surrounded by her newborns as the nine tiny tots lie comfortably beside her. 
Wearing different colored collars and bows, the adorable puppies lay sleeping beside their mother. 
The post-birth photos come just weeks after Kodie was pictured in a maternity shoot, which featured photos of her wearing a punk tutu and a checkered bandana.
The pictures, which were taken by single mother-of-two Chelsie and shared to her photography Facebook page Guss Guss Photography, were taken out in the snow as Kodie pottered around looking adorable as ever. 
And although her due date was January 9, Kodie ended up giving birth to her puppies almost two weeks later. 

She fell pregnant after she was brought to a dog breeder in Montana, where she stayed for one week. 
Chelsie said: 'She went with Kaylynn Donahue of Goosetown Goldens in November for a week and was breed with their golden stud, Jaxon, who is an American dark red. 
'Then she came home where we got to watch her grow and be a part of the amazing changes she went through as her pregnancy progressed. 
'She went from not wanting to eat to wanting to eat everything. She became super lovey and started carrying toys around like babies,' she added. 
After doing a maternity photo shoot on January 2, Chelsie dropped Kodie off to Goosetown Goldens again.
It was here that she gave birth to her puppies on January 14.
Two days later, Chelsie and her boys went along to visit Kodie and see her new babies for the very first time. 
She said: 'We have plans to go over weekly to photograph the puppies and the parents until they go to their new homes.

'My cousin is getting a puppy from her litter so one of Kodie's daughters will be in the family. They will get regular visits and many camping trips together,' she added.     
The single mother-of-two and her children have had the dog for two years.  
She explained that, after growing up as a child with golden retrievers, and after seeing how much her son's loved minding dogs, she had wanted to add one to her family for a while.
In April 2017, after gathering enough money to be able to afford it, Chelsie bought Kodie from a golden retriever breeder in Hall, Montana. 

'Kodie has been a great addition to my little family, she is my boys’ best friend.
'She has an energetic and very playful personality but she knows when it is time just to relax. Goldens are really a human’s best friend,' she added.   
Chelsie, a full-time student who works at a local hospital, also works as a photographer part-time. 

She got into photography when a friend asked her to do a maternity photo shoot for her and her family, as well as newborn photos after she saw the photos Chelsie had taken of her own children.
What began as a 'fun hobby' soon turned into a small business for the mother as she now sometimes even gets assistance from her helpful sons on photo shoots. Chelsie, who lives in Butte, Montana, shared a series of photos that show the nine puppies shortly after they were born.
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