How to keep your cat or dog safe this Christmas

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Richard Murphy BSC (HONS) BVSC PGCERTSAS MRCVS from The Vet in North Harbour, Portsmouth gives some pre-Christmas advice to pet owners.

Whilst pet owners are in the throes of filling their homes with festive decorations and foodie treats, Christmas for our pets can be a time when they become seriously ill and, in some cases, what’s delicious for us can even cause death to our pets.

Read on for The Vet’s top tips on how you can help your dog or cat enjoy Christmas safely.

1. Indoor plants

Pretty sprigs of fresh mistletoe and holly are beautiful but are also extremely poisonous if eaten. A Poinsettia can also cause dogs nasty upset tummy problems.

2. Poultry

Never, ever give your dog or cat a bird bone. They are quite fragile (raw or cooked) and can easily splinter, causing a painful and dangerous choking hazard.

3. Skin, grizzle and fatty bits

Too much will cause an upset tummy or, more seriously, inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

4. Lashings of gravy

Scrumptious for us humans, but often the salt and fat content is far too high for our furry friends.

5. Poisonous foods for dogs

Even the smallest nibble of chocolate, mince pie or cake is a no quibble DON’T – it can be deadly, even in small amounts!

All milk, dairy products, and dried fruit are difficult to digest and can cause serious problems. Other foods poisonous for dogs include mushrooms, onion, garlic and leeks which are often found in roast dinners.

6. Tell your friends and family!

Chances are you’ll have a houseful of friends and family around over the festive period. It’s wise to mention the above to your guests before they arrive to avoid a stressful Christmas Day emergency trip to the vet.

7. Remember your pet doesn’t know it’s Christmas

Be mindful your pet may be anxious over the festive period with all the changes to their home. Keep to your pet's usual routine as much as possible and try to create a calm, quiet area for them to retreat to. 

The Vet provides consultations and walk-in appointments seven days a week in its new state-of-the-art 5,000 sq ft purpose-built clinic. The practice specializes in quality care and operates a low-price guarantee.

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