7 Things Your Pet Needs This Summer

dog in summer

It’s time for some fun in the sun! With the hot vacation season coming up, it’s important to pack up some essentials you’ll need for your pet to stay cool and healthy for uninterrupted summer fun. Don’t leave your pets out of the best season of the year!

1. Cooling Beds
Summer means hot days and nights. A good cooling bed like the Canine Cooler will give your dog a cool spot to chill out and get relief from the sweltering heat! You can use it indoors, outdoors and even in the travel crate (away from direct sunlight, of course) to keep it cool anywhere you go. The Canine Cooler is extremely easy to use and doesn’t even require refrigeration! You simply add water and voila, a fluid-enhanced cooling bed that works at room temperature!

Alternatively, check out Coolaroo Pet Bed! This bed is made of a breathable fabric that is flea and mite resistant. We all know how pests love to roam during the warm summer months, so this is a perfect resting place for your pet to stay cool.

Cooling Beds

2. Popsicles

While you’re enjoying that ice cream cone on a hot summer day, your dog can munch on a Cool Pup Popsicle! These chew toys are perfect for cooling your pet during the harsh heat of summer. They’ll love licking up the cool water that seeps out from the holes as the toy defrosts, just like a real popsicle! Aside from the cooling effects, the view of your pup chomping down on a popsicle is adorably priceless!


3. Sunscreen

Yes, that’s right. There’s sunscreen for pets too! When you’re out on the poolside or running around the beach, your furry friends need protection from those harsh UVB rays as much as you do, especially if your buddy has light skin or a pink nose. Dogs tend to have more sensitive skin than humans so instead of using human sunscreen on your dog, Doggles Pet Sunscreen is specially formulated to suit a dog’s skin. This formula protects your pet from sunburns while also conditioning their coat! It’s a 2-in-1 deal breaker!

sunscreen for dog

4. Aloe

Even with sunscreen to protect us, there is always that occasional sunburn when the rays are too strong. If your pet gets burned a relaxing bath with Vet Solutions Aloe and Oatmeal Conditioner will soothe their skin and relieve the burns. Aloe is famous for its soothing properties especially on sunburns while oatmeal is rising star in relieving sunburns and moisturizing the skin.

Aloe for dog

5. Lotion

The summer heat brings dry skin through dehydration, air conditioners, and clogged pores even on our pets! Cracked paws and chapped noses are no fun for any pup, that’s why a good moisturizer like Burt’s Bees Paw & Nose Lotion for Dogs made with rosemary and olive oil is perfect to keep on hand during the dry heat. Burt’s Bees taps into the power of nature to provide safe and natural ingredients to keep your pet’s wellness in tip-top shape!

6. Travel Water Bottles

Stay hydrated on the go! That includes you and your pup. Whether you’re on a hike in the mountains or taking a walk in the park, it’s important to keep water on hand to keep your dog cool and hydrated. Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle/Bowl is a bottle and bowl all in one convenient container! Clip it on your belt or waistband for a hands-free hiking experience and easy traveling.

7. Flea & Tick Prevention

Keep biting parasites away from your furry friends! Bugs like fleas and ticks often carry transmitted diseases along with their itching bites, and it’s not fun for anyone when an infestation is carried home from an outdoor trip. Keep your pets protected by preventing the parasites from latching on in the first place! Flea collars like the popular top seller, Seresto Flea Collar, are extremely effective in repelling insects and other parasites.

EntirelyPets offers an extensive line of product you’ll need for your pet this summer, so what are you waiting for? Go gear up on some summer essentials and let the fun begin!

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