3 Natural Dog Worms Treatment

Natural Ways to Prevent and Treat Dog Worms

Looking for natural dog worms treatment remedies? Ever wonder how dangerous all those drugs your vet keeps telling you to give to your dog are?

We all want our pets to be healthy. They are part of our family and we would not want anything less than the best for a member of our family.

When it comes to their health we would not want to do anything to harm them. That is exactly what we could be doing. All the chemicals you give your pets could be killing them.

Worms in canines can have serious side effects and could even lead to death. The types of worms your dog could get infected with include heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

Here are 3 ways to treat worms without the cost of dangerous chemicals:

garlic for dogs


Most parasites cannot stand garlic. Giving your dog garlic with his food with help get rid of internal parasites like worms. Also effective in keeping fleas away from your dog.

cayenne pepper for dog

 Cayenne Pepper

Another natural ingredient that worms just can not stand. Sprinkle a little on your dog's food to expel their worms.

pumpkin seeds for dog

 Pumpkin Seeds

You can grind up pumpkin seeds and sprinkle them on your pet's food. Some dogs even like to eat pumpkin seeds whole. These are great to prevent worms in the first place.

Natural choices for dog worms treatment can make a big difference in your dog's overall health. If I were to tell you that all the chemicals you are giving your dog could actually kill him would you think twice about forking all that money over to your vet?

I am not saying to stop using your vet. There are circumstances when a vet is a necessity. I just believe there are things in nature that can get the job done that are just as effective or maybe even better than the dangerous chemicals we have been using for years.

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